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Language learning online!

Would you like to have online lessons? Whether you are unable to meet your teacher in person, or you simply prefer internet teaching, ILS is here to meet your needs.

Video-based lessons
We are experiencing a rising demand for net-based language courses so we offer all of our language courses as video-based courses too - with excellent results. We use Skype, an efficient way of sharing video, audio and files. Video-based courses offer an effective and practical solution for both individuals and companies. With Skype lessons you can curl up on your own couch and let the language course come to you! For corporate clients, video-based teaching is an effective teaching method that saves both time and money. We have also held larger video-based courses at a company’s headquarters in Oslo, during which our teacher simultaneously taught participants at four different locations in Norway – with great success!

Online courses
In addition to video-based teaching, we have also developed an online Business English course.

The course comprises the following eight modules:
-  Introductions
-  Telephoning
-  Meetings
-  Negotiations
-  Trends
-  Business Correspondence
-  Presentation Skills
-  Social English

 Read more about online courses in our course catalog.